We focus on the development and implementation of data processing systems for tourism. Our solutions include Destination Services, Mid & Back Office, XML connectivity, and maintaining infrastructures for online reservations in 17 countries covering 65 destinations.

The TravelKISS Platform

The TravelKISS Platform offers sophisticated solutions for Distribution, Destination Management functionalities and mid & back-office processes. For Hotel, Transfer, Excursions, Rent a Car and packages like FlyDrive. TravelKISS is continually growing its service portfolio.

Core services of TravelKISS

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TravelKISS allows the user to be able to introduce his own markup calculation rules. These can then be applied to different source markets.

  • Accommodation
  • Management of Hotel Properties
  • Management of Roomtypes/Mealplans
  • Transfer
  • Excursions
  • Rent a car
  • Packages (Roundtrip, Fly & Drive)
  • Create vacation packages combining a variety of products for a total price
Non-Bookable Content
Non-Bookable Content
Available for all stock-components (Accommodation/Transfer/Excursion/Rental Car, Leisure and Activities)

  • High quality images
  • Facts (unlimited)
  • Descriptions (13 languages – based on templates)
  • GEO-Codes
Our solution helps you to manage the administrations of:
  • Rates, special offers, seasons and Supplements
  • Allotments
  • Child and adult reductions
  • Extras
  • Cancellation policies
  • Handling of Rep-Fees, Contribution Fees, Markups
  • Guarantee conditions
  • Direct payment
  • Create a customised portfolio per client and distribute through a variety of interfaces
  • Search Portfolio via:
  • Web-interface
  • Web-Services
Booking Management
Provider Communication
Booking Management
Provider Communication
  • Automatically distribute bookings to your suppliers and their PMS-Systems (eDingus)
  • Customers can request their bookings at any time through XML-Services (pull)
  • Send invoices automatically to your clients
  • Receive invoices automatically through Voxel
  • Automatic import of RQ – Confirmations from the hotelier
  • Automatic alarms for certain use cases, e.g. billing items pending to be invoiced
Ground Handling
Ground Handling
  • Transfers
  • Create Pick-up points for Transfers and Excursions
  • Group transfer bookings together, per vehicle. (automatically and manually)
  • Assign one or several clients from different bookings in to vehicles, according to vehicle capacity
  • Automatic import of pickup times from the provider
  • Automatic flight updates via OAG
  • Automatic export of transfer services via XML
  • Excursions
  • Manage and Sell Excursions through Mobile Devices (TKTouch mobile sales app)
  • Online payment solution
  • Also available via XML-interface
  • Import bookings from external offline clients
  • Currently we have a large selection of interfaces available
  • Manage the mapping for Hotels/Rooms/Boards
  • Search for Accommodations/Rooms, Transfers and Excursions according to availability
  • Book and Manage bookings through XML-Web-Services
  • Receive rates and availabilities in different formats
  • OTA (Open Travel Alliance)
  • EDF (Einheitliches Datenformat)
  • Flatfiles
  • Distribute Hotel information through Web-Services to your clients

Key advantages for our clients

Tour operators

Tour operators

•    Efficient booking management
•    Access to +10k hotel inventory
•    Best search response time at 200 milliseconds
•    Different interfaces available, increase your flexibility to provide additional incoming services
•    Fully automated data exchange through XML connectivity, decreasing manual work
•    Simplified & secured payment process
Incoming organizations

Incoming organizations

•    The end-to-end touristic IT solutions to simplify your day-to-day operation:
o     Contracting
o    Booking management
o    Ground handling
o    Payment process


•    Fast time to market
•    Access to 250 tour operators
•    Extend your distribution through our integrated world-leading Channel Managers
•    Simplified & secured payment process
Excursion providers

Excursion providers

•    Increase sales in destination through our mobile excursion sales app TravelKISS Touch
•    Better product presentation through mobile device
•    High quality Non-Bookable Content
•    Faster handling
•    Simplified & secured payment through our pin pad device
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